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Every weekday here at Corporette®, we offer one suggestion for an item that we would wear to work. Sometimes readers love the item, and wow do you guys hate it sometimes. Sometimes *we* love it, sometimes it was just the best we could find given the restraints (for those who haven’t noticed, Monday and Tuesday tend to be pricier items, Wednesday is in the $100-$150 price range, Thursday is in the $50-$100 price range, and Friday is in the “under $50” range.) (Huge thanks to Elizabeth, who’s done a fabulous job with workwear recommendations since mid-2019!)

As the end of the year approaches I thought I’d look back over the past year and choose my personal favorites from the things we recommended… each picture is from one month, starting with January. Please note that anything marked with an asterisk is still available! (Oh: and please feel free to use this post as an open thread today!)

Jan.* / Feb.* / March

April / May / June*

July / Aug.* / Sept.* ($34!)

Oct. / Nov.* / Dec.*

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