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Ever since I got into makeup, I’ve always focused on my lashes. I think for me, especially growing up in the shadow of my sisters’ glorious lashes (literally. they literally cast a shadow they are so long and thick.), lashes have always made such a big difference in how open my eyes look.

So I’ve tried a handful of serums and products, I endlessly try new mascaras, and I’ve tried lash lifts and false lashes too. I broke it all down in the video below!

A few quick bullet point details + helpful links:

-Read my blog posts about Lash Lifts here and here!

-Read my blog post about Lashify here!

-I’ve used Latisse at two different times in my life. It works for me but the side effects of dry eyes and a slight darkening of my eyelid aren’t worth it. I was also able to see really great results from other serums and conditioners.

-I’ve also used Rodan + Fields Lash Boost and it did not work for me at all (I lost a lot of lashes)

Products mentioned in the video:

NeuLash Enhancing Serum – a serum that you apply onto the base of your lashes on your upper eyelid. This helps support and promote long, strong, healthy lashes.

NeuBrow Enhancing Serum – a serum that you apply to your eyebrows to help promote hair growth.

GrandeRepair Leave-in Lash Conditioner – this made a huge difference in the thickness and general condition of my lashes!

GrandePrimer Pre-Mascara Eyelash Primer – takes a bit of practice but adds a great deal of density and length to my lashes pre-mascara.

Cherry Blooms Eyelash Extension Fibers – these may be a bit fussy to some, but if you are looking to add dramatic thickness, try using lash fibers like these.

I hope this video was helpful if you are exploring eyelash growth products! There is a lot out there to choose from, at a variety of price points as well, and I just wanted to share what has worked for me!

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