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Fashionista looked at the development of new sustainable alternatives to plastic and leather in clothing.

The New York Times [gift link] noted that AI may enable investment banks to stop hiring thousands of recent grads, slashing the incoming classes by as much as two thirds while significantly lowering salaries.

The New York Times [gift link] also explained how high fees and a lower-quality menu of investment options found in some 401(k) plans can shrink your balance significantly.

Forbes detailed how to build a menopause-inclusive workplace.

Meanwhile, Vox observed that researchers are only beginning to explore exactly how menstruation can affect health and even worsen symptoms of illness.

CNBC explored the “tradwife” and “stay-at-home girlfriend” trends on social media.

The Wall Street Journal [gift link] reported that American women are giving birth at record-low rates.

NPR reported that airlines are now ordered to give full refunds instead of vouchers and to stop hiding fees.

Your Laugh of the Week comes from McSweeney’s, with “Is It a Red Flag? Jane Eyre Edition.”

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We offered some clothes for working moms, including some maternity basics and washable workwear.

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