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Everyone talks about what foods to avoid when you’re trying to lose weight, but not many mention the ones you shouldn’t absolutely skip. Some foods get a bad rap and end up on the “unhealthy” list, but they’re actually packed with nutrients that can supercharge your weight loss. It’s time to rethink what you put on your plate and discover the delicious and nutritious options that can help you reach your goals faster. In this article, we uncover 4 foods you shouldn’t avoid for weight loss even if popular opinion is against them.

1. Whole Eggs:

Vegetarians and non-vegetarians would agree that eggs can be considered a “superfood” due to their exceptional nutritional value. Not only are they cost-effective and widely available, but they also require minimal preparation time. Once vilified for their potential impact on cholesterol levels, and avoided like a plague due to the fear that they may lead to weight gain, people dumped egg yolks and preferred only egg whites. But recent studies have hailed egg yolks due to their abundant nutrient profile – vitamin A, D, E, K, B1, B2, B5, B6, B9, B12, apart from healthy fats. Most of these nutrients promote feelings of fullness, boost metabolism, and reduce cravings for unhealthy snacks. In fact, studies show that eating two whole eggs per day covers 10% to 30% of the vitamin requirements for humans! So, do not avoid whole eggs! Also read: “7 Egg-Citing Ways To Eat Eggs Daily.”

2. Nuts and Seeds:

Several nuts and seeds like almonds, walnuts, pistachios, chia seeds, flaxseeds, etc., which are considered high in calories and thus avoided while on a diet by a majority of people, are in fact quite weight loss friendly due to their high protein, fiber, omega-3 fatty acid content. In fact, pistachios are low in calories and high in protein and fiber, and having a handful of them can help with fat burning. So, instead of avoiding nuts, include an assortment of nuts in your daily diet.

3. Olive Oil:
Olive oil is a helpful ingredient for losing weight because it has monounsaturated fatty acids that increases feelings of fullness, stabilizing blood sugar levels, and improving insulin sensitivity. They also enhance the body’s ability to burn fat for energy and reduce inflammation, which is associated with weight gain. Foods rich in MUFAs, such as olive oil, avocados, can be incorporated into a balanced diet to support weight loss. Also read: “Can Drinking Olive Oil Daily Help With Weight Loss?”

4. Full-Fat Greek Yogurt:

Full-fat Greek yogurt is a good choice for weight loss because it’s high in protein and healthy fats that keep you feeling satisfied for longer. Eating protein-rich foods like Greek yogurt can help boost your metabolism and give your body the energy it needs to digest food. Plus, Greek yogurt is packed with important nutrients like calcium and vitamins, which are good for your overall health. So, adding a serving of full-fat Greek yogurt to your meals or snacks can be a tasty way to support your weight loss goals.

In conclusion, while it’s common to focus on foods to avoid during weight loss journeys, it’s equally important to recognize the nutritious options that shouldn’t be overlooked. Despite their sometimes-negative reputation, certain foods offer valuable nutrients and benefits that can accelerate your progress towards weight loss goals. Through the Rati Beauty app, users can access personalized diet plans that include a variety of nutrient-dense options such as olive oil, avocados, nuts, seeds, and full-fat Greek yogurt. These foods are chosen for their ability to increase feelings of fullness, stabilize blood sugar levels, improve insulin sensitivity, and enhance fat oxidation. Download the Rati Beauty app to access tailored diet plans and start your journey towards a healthier lifestyle today.

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