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Syrah [sear-ah] grape variety, believed to have originated in the Rhône Valley of France through natural crossbreeding, has a history dating back to ancient times. Its name, Syrah, is thought to be derived from the city of Shiraz in Iran. In the 18th century, viticulturist James Busby brought Syrah to Australia, where it gained fame under the name Shiraz. Today, Syrah/Shiraz is celebrated for its versatility, producing wines with diverse expressions, from the bold and robust Shiraz wines of Australia to the complex and age-worthy reds of the Rhône Valley in France. With thick skins and small berries, Syrah grapes contribute to wines known for deep color and intense flavors, solidifying its place as one of the most widely planted and esteemed grape varieties globally.


Syrah wines are characterized by their bold and full-bodied nature, often exhibiting rich flavors of dark fruits such as blackberry, plum, and black cherry. Aromatic notes of black pepper, licorice, and sometimes smoked meat contribute to the complexity of Syrah, while the grape’s natural tannins provide a firm structure. Syrah wines can showcase a range of styles, from the elegant and peppery expressions found in the Northern Rhône to the lush and fruit-forward profiles of New World regions like Australia and California.

Food Pairing

Syrah wines pair exceptionally well with grilled meats, especially lamb and barbecued dishes, thanks to their bold flavors and robust structure. The wine’s peppery and spicy notes also make it a versatile match for game meats and dishes with herbs or a touch of heat.

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