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It’s safe to say there are certain beauty launches that pique my interest more than others, and the latest comes in the form of a fancy new hair tool from one of my all-time favourite hair salons, Hershesons. The vibes in this place are potentially unmatched, and in amongst the cool aesthetic, even cooler hair stylists and co-working space come café, you can treat yourself to an exceptional set of nails and brows while you’re at it. Pre-party prep? Sorted.

You know you can always trust Hershesons for a great cut, colour and blow-dry.

Tending to the hair of an A list celebrity clientele including Dua Lipa, Victoria Beckham and Keira Knightly, super stylist Luke Hersheson is at the helm of this now iconic institution which was founded by his father Daniel. The duo first put their name to a product when they launched the world’s first professional straightening iron back in 1998, and have since gone on to release more tools, brushes and products–I can’t get enough of the Air Dry Spray which works wonders on my naturally wavy hair. One tool I personally rely on more than most is a curling wand, as I like to go in and add even more definition and movement to my hair. So when an email about the new Hershesons Wavemaker landed in my inbox , I knew I had to immediately investigate further.

Promising ‘your quickest and easiest waves ever,’ the Wavemaker’s automatic rolling barrel and in–built cooling and setting system supposedly does the hard work for you. “Our mission is to make getting great hair easy for everyone,” explains CEO Luke Hersheson. “It’s the complete solution for anyone who wants more movement, waves or curls but struggles with traditional tongs. It’s, quick, simple and foolproof, so you never need leave home with flat, lifeless hair again…” To the salon! 

Firstly, you have to slot a piece of hair between the two barrels. I found this to be quite challenging at first, and looking back at the content I filmed, my first few attempts were reminiscent of Ann Widdecombe on Celebrity Big Brother trying to straighten her hair (IYKYK.) However, it wasn’t long before I got the hang of it. 

Next, you press the button on the handle of the tool which corresponds to the direction you want your hair to go. The barrels heat and curl in a matter of seconds, and the cooling fan system is designed to set your waves in place so you get longer–lasting hold.

As I have shorter hair, some of the curls did come out quite tight. All you have to do is run your fingers through them to give more of that iconic Hershesons tousled effect. My stylist added in a small amount of the Zhoosh Foam and it’s safe to say they’re a match made in heaven. My hair looked so good, I did nothing to it for the next three days.

When I left Hershesons, my hair had taken on a personality entirely of its own. It had become the main character and I was purely responsible for taking it from A-B. As someone with an affinity for hair tools (if you read my reviews on Who What Wear, you’ll know I’ve tried a lot in my time) I really do think this is a fantastic piece of kit, and I find the price tag to be really reasonable considering the technology, the result and how long it lasts. Granted, it does take a bit of getting used to, but once you’ve mastered it I’m pretty sure you’ll never look back. Bravo Team Hershesons.

The Wavemaker in all its glory. You can tell this thing means business.

If I unwrapped this set at Christmas it’s safe to say I’d be over the moon.

A dry powder-foam technology that gives effortless oomph and volume without stickiness or crunch. Works wonders for all hair types.

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