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We’ve been updating you on all the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals — and now it’s time to talk about Giving Tuesday! Are you giving to charity today? In general, do you prefer to focus your contributions locally, nationally, internationally, or a mix? Is your city doing a big Giving Tuesday campaign today — led by the United Way, for example?

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Giving Tuesday Resources and Tips

1. Find your country’s Giving Tuesday hub with this map. offers lots of info and ideas.

2. Consider using an online platform that evaluates charities, such as Charity Navigator, BBB Wise Giving Alliance (, and CharityWatch. (ProPublica has guidance on evaluating charities.)

3. On Giving Tuesday, lots of nonprofits will have a particular donor matching people’s donations up to a certain amount, so look for those opportunities on individual charities’ websites to double your contribution!

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4. Check if your employer has an employee matching program — you can ask HR, use Charity Navigator’s search tool, or check the website of the organization you want to donate to.

5. Think about lending a hand more “casually” and/or in person. You can help local mutual aid groups, for example. To find them, use this search tool from Mutual Aid Hub or google “[Your City] Mutual Aid Network.” (The Cut offered tips in this 2020 story.) has lots more options, such as giving blood (here’s what it’s like), distributing necessities to unhoused people, and paying for the person behind you at the drive-through (just not like this (NSFW)).

6. Remember to deduct your charitable contributions on your taxes if you use Schedule A of Form 1040 to file. (Here are tips from Investopedia.)

Have you donated to charity today, or are you planning to? Does your company typically match donations?

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Some of the top matching opportunities we’re seeing for Giving Tuesday…

(Let us know if you find any! Here’s Charity Navigator’s article on how these “matching” opportunities might be working behind the scenes. Mentions are not endorsements of the charity.)

American Red Cross – 2x match up to $100,000, ends today

Americares – 8x match

Doctors Without Borders – 2x match through 11:59 PM EST on 11/28/23

Donor’s Choose – (specific classroom resources requested by local teachers) – 2X match, ends 11/28

Greenpeace – 5x match, ends 11/28

Heifer International – 4x match, ends 11/28

Nature Conservancy – 2x match, ends 11/28

NAMI (National Alliance for Mental Illness) – 2x match up to $70,000, ends 11/28

No Kid Hungry – 2X match by Citi up to $500,000, ends 11/28

UNICEF – 5X match, ends 11/28

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