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Like shoes, holidays and spa treatments, we believe that bags are something we can’t have just one of. In fact, we find ourselves needing a “daytime” bag, a “best” bag, an “I need to fit in my trainers, my entire makeup collection and a Kit Kat for emergencies” kind of bag, and, of course, a “going out” bag. But in our opinion, there’s no way we can justify reserving the fun bags for after-dark only. 

We fully approve of the juxtaposition of a sequin bag with a crisp white shirt and baggy jeans. Or a tailored look with a statement metallic bag. This is the season to go all out, so don’t let your favourite party bags collect dust on your shelf, wear them at any given opportunity. 

Emili Sindlev wearing Alaïa heart bag.

What we’re saying is they work 24/7, so of course, they’re suitable for nights out, festive plans and anything Christmas party related, too.

From Alaïa’s cult heart-shaped bag to everyone’s favourite Arket bag now coming in all-over glitter, we’ve found the best bags that no doubt Carrie Bradshaw herself would hang on her arm. 

Everyone’s favourite Arket bag now comes in glitter!

You’ll strike gold with this one!

It seems Arket is the new destination for high street party bags!

I’ve thought about this bag for a while, and I’ve justified how many times I would wear it as a reason to finally get it. 

I can actually see Carrie Bradshaw wearing this one.

I’m imagining this with jeans and a nice top. 

Update a denim look with this dream Prada bag. 

I haven’t worn a clutch bag since Uni, but this red sequin pouch from Mango’s Capsule edit makes me want to bring them back.

Love the half moon shape of this H&M bag, and it’s the sale.

Wow, just wow. 

Silver accessories are key this season so you’ll end up wearing this on repeat. 

This colour is just so pretty, and it surprisingly will go with so many other shades. 

I have this bag in my wish list in red, but now I want it in silver. 

Love, love, love. 

To wear with a Rixo dress, of course. 

Pink is sticking around. 

Well done, Jacquemus.

So cute. 

Yes, more red. 

Sequins and party season go hand in hand. 

Not all party bags have to be sequins.

Love this fuzzy little pouch bag. 

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