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If there is a luxe beauty brand that I rarely see discounted, its Aesop. You’ll have no doubt seen its apothecary-style hand soaps and vials dotted on the bathroom sinks of both beauty editors and the chicest of hotel bathrooms. But, Aesop has some great Black Friday deals for 2023, including a 15% saving on John Lewis & Partners right now. It’s among the best Black Friday beauty deals I’ve seen, so here is everything you need to know about Aesop being on sale.

You won’t typically find discounts or deals of any sort on Aesop’s own website, so its worth shopping around to save a discount on some of your Aesop favourites. It’s currently 15% off on John Lewis & Partners over the Black Friday weekend.

As a beauty editor, there are a few Aesop products I’d highly recommend you stock up on, or jump at the chance to try if you’re new to the brand.

The Aesop Resurrection Hand Wash has 15% off, which makes the luxury hand soap a little more affordable if you’re looking to treat yourself. However, the Aesop Resurrection Duet Hand Care Gift Set has 15% offwhich contains both the hand wash and the hand balm with a generous saving in the gift set. On the fragrance front, Aesop Eidesis Eau de Parfum has 15% off, and is one of my most complimented woody fragrances.

Aesop also has some beautiful gift sets, which come with a saving at full price, but you can get an additional 15% off. So, there are some serious savings to be made on the Aesop gift sets this year.

Black Friday price: £26. First things first is the Aesop Resurrection Hand Wash, which has 15% off. Not only does it lend a spa-like scent of mandarin, rosemary and cedar every time you wash your hands, but it instantly elevates the interior of your bathroom or kitchen sink. While expensive, the 15% discount makes it that little more affordable. And I won’t tell if you choose to refill it with a cheaper hand wash after you’ve used it up, but the refill is also on sale for 15% off too if you need to top yours up.

Black Friday price: £24. Need to top up your hand wash? You can save 15% on the refill.

Black Friday price: £64. With an £11 saving, now is the time to invest in the corresponding hand balm.

Black Friday price: £25. Housed in a chic tube, this hand and body cream intensely nourishes skin, leaving behind a deliciate citrus scent. The perfect stocking filler for those with discerning taste.

Black Friday price: £21. The Ressurection Aromatique Hand Balm also comes in a travel size for on-the-go hydration—ideal for the cold weather.

Black Friday price: £9. By far the chicest way to sanitise your hands. This would make a great stocking filler or secret santa gift.

Black Friday price: £30. The geranium leaf body cleanser is one of Aesop’s most-loved body products, and will look stylish perched in your shower.

Black Friday price: £81. Ok, Aesop has some brilliant gift sets this year. Thinking about the hand wash and hand cream duo?You already save £11 at full price versus buying these two separately, but you get an additional £14 with the 15% discount.

Black Friday price: £80. Prefer an exfoliating hand wash? The Reverence hand wash is for you, and this set comes with the matching hand balm too.

Black Friday price: £51. Need a chic present? This gift set includes the iconic hand wash, as well as tube of hand balm and a hand sanitiser.

Black Friday price: £42. This is a brilliant gift set for the price, which includes the hand balm, hand sanitiser and Aesop’s lip balm.

Black Friday price: £57. For those who like to pamper from head to toe, this Aesop gift set includes the geranium body cleanser, body scrub and body balm, all wrapped up in a stylish box.

Black Friday price: £119. Aesop has some incredible perfumes, but Eidesis is perhaps my favourite. It smells like a walk amongst a woodland, with notes of sandalwood, black pepper and frankincense.

Black Friday price: £119. Tacit is an invigorating scent of citrus, basil and vetiver which give it a refreshing herbaceous vibe.

Black Friday price: £119. Those who love a spicy fragrance will enjoy the warm, woody notes, perfectly balanced with jasmine, neroli and bergamot.

Black Friday price: £68. The ultimate cosy candle, which fills the room with the scent of grounding frankincense, vetiver, and fresh notes of shiso.

Black Friday price: £20. There are so many glowing reviews on this cleanser, which has had transformative effects on people’s skin.

Black Friday price: £58. This is one of Aesop’s most-loved products, and you can try it with 15% off right now.

Black Friday price: £31. Those with sensitive or dry skin will adore this moisturiser, which cocoons the skin against cold weather.

Black Friday price: £36. This lightweight oil is suitable for all skin types and leaves skin radiant and glowing.

Black Friday price: £13. Have you seen a chicer lip balm? This make a great gift if you’re on a budget.

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