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If long hair has been your thing for as long as you can remember, this just might be the year you make a change. Take me, for example. I’ve had long hair my whole life (with the exception of one not-so-chic VB-inspired bob), but something about how wonderfully undone and effortlessly stylish short hair can be means the idea of chopping it all off is really starting to appeal to me.

It might have something to do with the blunt bobs I’ve been seeing around, but I’ve never been more inspired to chop all of my hair off and go for a shorter style. And while a bob might seem like the obvious choice right now, going even shorter is equally as chic—and it seems I’m not alone in thinking so.

Yes, that’s right. I’m talking short, short. Pixie-cut short. From near-on buzz cuts to pretty cropped curls, the pixie cut is actually far more versatile than you might at first think, and it seems to be the style du jour. All it takes is a bit of styling paste (rumour has it that American Crew Defining Paste, £15, is the best around) and a can of Elnett, and the world is your oyster.

But I get it, a pixie cut is quite the commitment, and there’s no doubt that a lot of research needs to go into choosing the right style for you. Before you embark on a pixie-cut journey, it’s important to consider a few things, including how much time you really have to dedicate to styling your hair every morning and also whether or not you rely on your hair as a comfort blanket. (Trust me—it’s a thing.)  

If, however, you’re already totally set on the idea of a pixie cut being your next big hair step, keep scrolling for all of the inspiration you might need.

Our jaws dropped when Charithra Chandran stepped out with a brand new pixie haircut with a wet-look finish.

Emma Watson always looks great, but this pixie haircut is one of her best looks.

I’m obsessed with the dimensional colours in Ariana DeBose’s pixie haircut.

I’m seriously swooning over Rowan’s messy pixie cut teamed with a very on-trend padded headband. 

Zendaya’s pulled-forward, caramel pixie demonstrates just how versatile this short style can be. 

The short and icy crop is the edgiest pixie of them all, and Zoë Kravitz shows exactly how it should be done. 

The fluffy texture of Joey’s super-cropped pixie proves that sometimes shorter is better.

Alyssa’s proves your fringe needn’t be long to do a pretty side-sweep. 

Maria Borges’s crop is impossibly stylish—note how fabulous a pixie looks with statement earrings.

Cutting your hair off short doesn’t mean you can’t experiment with colour. Take inspiration from Ruby’s pretty pastel ‘do.

Use a salt spray to achieve Tia’s achingly cool textured pixie fringe. 

Lupita’s swept-back sides give the ultimate pixie-esque finish. 

Make way for the queen of the pixie cut. Halle Berry, we salute you and your impeccable hair (even if you have since grown it out). 

When Anne Hathaway chopped off all of her locks for a movie role, no one expected something so chic to come out of it. This side-swept style suited her down to the ground. 

Rose McGowan’s side-parted, bleach blonde crop is perfectly complemented by her statement lip. 

Loïcka’s pixie cut looks even more beautiful from the back. 

Curly haired girls, rejoice. Alia’s curly crop is giving us all of the retro hair inspiration we need. 

If anyone can convince you to try a grey pixie cut, it’s Agyness. I am loving this silver style. 

Sitting somewhere between a buzz cut and a pixie crop, Cara’s ice-white hair is high on my inspiration list.

Effortlessly cool as always, Scarlett’s highlighted pixie cut is long enough on top to create countless styles.

If you’re already toying with the idea of going for the crop, this textured style from Ciara should be enough to encourage you to take the plunge.

Worried that a pixie cut is just slightly too edgy for you? This sleek, parted style shows just how sophisticated a choice it can be.

Opt for shorter sides and a longer top for a relaxed look, just like Ellie’s. 

As if Audrey’s French-girl style wasn’t cool enough, she chopped her hair into this loosely curled crop, and my heart skipped a beat.  

Pixie cuts needn’t always be super sharp; leave the silhouette soft for a beautiful alternative. 

Side-swept pixie? Check. Oversize gold hoops? Check. Appointment booked for haircut? Check, check and check. 

Jennifer’s layered pixie cut was every hair dream wrapped into one.

Embellished hair accessories never look better than when they’re teamed with a short crop, as demonstrated wonderfully by Janelle Monáe.

Jada’s voluminous laid-back style is a perfect example of how the pixie can be styled out on cosy days in. 

Could Emilia look any chicer? I think not.  

If Jourdan could trade her long locks in for a shorter style, anyone can. 

Eliza’s brunette, undone hairstyle shows just how low-maintenance a pixie cut can be. 

We love how Kamara has kept the lengths in-front of her ears slightly longer for a chic shape. 

Michelle’s icy white crop is still one of Hollywood’s finest hair moments. 

Add a micro-fringe into your pixie cut equation for even more cool points. 

If you’re planning on keeping your haircare routine as minimal as possible, simply apply this cream to damp hair and leave it to dry to create texture. 

For matte styling, this paste is the best we’ve tried. 

Heat protection is essential for short hair, so keep your favourite spray to hand at all times. 

If you prefer your pixie to look manicured, this set will help ease any flyaways. 

This wonder-oil will help keep your strands healthy and looking their best. 

This spray will add instant texture to your hair without weighing it down. 

Lift, flick, and, yes, straighten, your pixie crop with these slimline straighteners. 

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