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As cold weather sets in, it’s no surprise a lot of us will take the easy route and reach for our reliable wardrobe essentials. You know, the blazer that’ll never let you down—from work to weekend plans—and the white T-shirt that has been worn, and washed, more times than we could count. Then there are jeans. While skinny jeans have taken a back seat this year (no one wants to feel restricted in super-tight denim), other styles are leading as the starting point to every great winter outfit we’re finally ready to wear. 

Sure, jeans are an easy option when getting dressed, but that doesn’t mean they have to be boring. And we’re going to show you a whole host of simple (but again, not-boring) ways to wear some of the best pairs, from the sliver jeans that’ll tick off one of this season’s key colours to wide-leg pairs with pumps. Here’s your guide on ways to wear jeans for winter.

Style Notes: If you always find most jeans are too long, then you’re in luck, as turn-ups are back. Karina shows how effortless the simple styling trick can look with a classic blazer and those sparkly pumps. 

Style Notes: If you already packed away your white jeans believing they’re a summer staple, dig them back out stat. They can be the base to many a great monochrome ensemble. Make them winter-ready with the hero knitted vest layered over a shirt, jumper or T-shirt. 

Style Notes: A clever update on the classic Canadian tuxedo, Renia swaps out a denim shirt in favour of a tailored blazer. Going one step further in the love for all things denim, it’s a quadruple denim hit with matching heels and bag. 

Style Notes: Proof jeans needn’t be boring, opt for a fun colour and it’ll instantly lift any outfit. Keep them casual with classic kicks or dress them up for evening with a slinky cami top and 

Style Notes: If there’s one thing that clear about winter 2023, it’s the fact the scarf coat is going anywhere. In particular, that Tôteme style. Amira keeps it the centre of attention by pairing with classic jeans and pumps. 

Style Notes: A great pair of grey jeans will be on heavy rotation across all seasons. Keep them cool by wearing them with luxe leather pieces and wardrobe classics just like Sylvie Mus has with a white shirt. 

Style Notes: If ever you’re having outfits doubts, just reach for your best basics. You know, those classics that always make you feel put together without being try hard. Need further proof that sometimes simple is best? Chiara illustrates it perfectly in an oversized knit and jeans combo.

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