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I know what you’re thinking, not another bob trend to get on board with. Don’t worry, as this isn’t really a trend, but more of an effortless hairstyle that all the chicest people seem to sport. That’s right, I’m talking about none other than the wavy bob. Now you know I love nothing more than a big, bouncy curl, however, after looking at various wavy bob hairstyles on Instagram, I have grown very fond of this more relaxed, laid-back style. Not only is it easy to re-create, but it gives that perfect “I just woke up like this” finish to the hair that I have tried desperately hard to master over the years.

If you’re blessed with natural waves, then you might already be rocking this hairstyle on a daily basis. If not, then I’ve got you covered with all the inspo you need. Of course, I’ve also taken it upon myself to do some research into what products to use to create those beachy-looking ends, and there are so many incredible options on the market. So, if you’re thinking about giving this chic, low-maintenance look a go, keep on scrolling for some of the best wavy bob hairstyles out there. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed…

A wavy bob looks so elevated when paired with a fringe.

That being said, a side parting also looks super chic.

See? All the cool people are wearing this hairstyle.

Hailey Bieber included.

This style also works perfectly on a lob haircut.

So stunning.

The waves can be as obvious or as subtle as you like.

This is the ultimate winter hairstyle.

Such an effortless-looking finish.

I love how the blonde highlights help to emphasise the waves here.

Even VB is a fan!

The waves, the claw clip…everything about this photo is perfect.

Hershesons have created the perfect tool to get that wavy bob hairstyle, and the rolling barrel technology makes it quick and easy to use.

This lightweight mist from Ouai helps to enhance waves.

For that beachy look, try adding in some salt spray.

This product is great for those of you with naturally curly or wavy hair. It helps to boost volume and add bounce.

Another great product to enhance natural movement is this hydrating spray from Curlsmith.

This tool is also an amazing option for waving your hair, and the ionic ceramic barrels will help minimise damage.

If I don’t want to use heat, I simply plait my hair at night and secure in place with these silk scrunchies. The next morning I am left with perfectly tousled waves.

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