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A few years ago, Zara, quite unexpectedly, entered into the realm of the big Black Friday sale for the first time after staunchly avoiding it. Unlike many retailers that continue to do Black Friday for a fortnight, Zara’s sale was quite abruptly called Friday 23, and it offered 20% off selected items. It set a precedent that we had, up until that point, thought was impossible. This is a retailer that reluctantly goes into sale even at the most traditional times of the year, so it was weird and exciting that it took part in the Black Friday and Cyber Monday parade. 

Since then, Black Friday and Cyber Monday have become a far greater presence in the world of discounting and peak retail moments. And yes, although the occasion normally marks the moment your inbox is flooded with offers of half-price paddle boards, clothes steamers or air fryers, it is quite a good time to consider investment purchases of the wardrobe variety.

So what is Zara doing for Black Friday 2023? Here’s everything we know so far.

This year, Black Friday falls on Friday 24 November 2023. Black Friday always lands within the final weekend of November, regardless of the year. 

If recent years are anything to go by, we can expect Zara’s Black Friday sale to begin on the brand’s App on the evening of Thursday 23 November 2023, the eve of Black Friday. Typically the wider sale then rolls out online and in-store on Friday 24 November 2023. Digital start times will be early so you may want to set an alarm. Traditionally, the brand does not extend its in-store opening hours for Black Friday. 

Zara is yet to confirm what level of discount we can expect for its Black Friday 2023 sale, but past years have seen 20 and 25 per cent discounts across the board. 

Unlike other retailers, Zara’s Black Friday shopping event is very short-lived. We’ve already established the fact that we expect to see the sale commence in-app on the evening of Thursday 23 November 2023, then for it to roll out online and in-store on the morning of Friday 24 November 2023. Last year there was no sale continuation for Cyber Monday—everything came to an end on the Sunday evening. 

We consider sale purchases to be just as much of an investment as full-price purchases, and we never recommend shopping frivolously and without thought just because something is cheaper than it was previously. Firstly, our editors always look for items they considered buying when they were full-price, this taking the allure of the deal out of the mix. 

Sales such as Black Friday present a great opportunity, however, to buy more expensive pieces at a discount. Zara has become increasingly premium over the years, and despite there still being a more affordable offering in stores and online, it is the most considered and elevated pieces that the team at Who What Wear are usually most interested in. We’re talking about the real-leather jackets, the more expensive handbags, the best wool coats, leather trousers and accessories, and perfect-fit tailoring. When it comes to sensible sale shopping, it’s all about pinpointing classic, long-lasting items over trend-driven throwaway pieces. A neutral coat, great pair of jeans or oversized shirt, for example, could always be considered a wise purchase if the fabrics are good and the cut suits you. 

Think about what you already own in your wardrobe; will this Black Friday purchase work with what you already wear? Will it fill a gap you had already identified? Is it the sort of thing you can see yourself wearing again and again? These are all avenues to consider before you add to basket. 

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This story was originally published at an earlier date and has since been updated.

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