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Much like I match my beauty and fashion aesthetic to the mood or occasion, the same applies to my choice in fragrance—the equivalent to a shot of espresso when I’m working towards a deadline, an uplifting floral for a day of meetings and events and a scent comparable to an LBD for all things after hours. I’m pleased to report that I now have this down to a fine art thanks to a head-turning trio from British fragrance makers and beauty industry leaders Molton Brown. 

Founded in 1971, the iconic institution works alongside an eclectic set of perfumers to continually create truly unique and innovative fragrances made with the finest ingredients. So fine, in fact, the quality of their bath, body and hand products awarded them with a Royal Warrant from Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Proudly environmentally conscious, they have never tested on animals and only work with cruelty-free formulas. Adding to this, the bottles really are something special, and each resin cap is as unique as the fragrance it represents. To put it into context, they take centre stage on my dressing table.

Whether you’re familiar with the sensorial world of Molton Brown or reading the above has made you want in on the magic, with such a vast array of stunning scents to choose from it’s hard to know where to start. The good news? I’m here to share the three long-lasting fragrances that have me covered for all occasions, and which I know will fast become signature staples for either yourself or a loved one. Plus, don’t miss out on the Molton Brown competition which could see you winning over £530 of treats, including a selection of my favourites. 

Growing up, Re-charge Black Pepper always had a strong presence in my household. My dad and step-mum had the Hand Wash and Hand Lotion in every bathroom, and each time I smell the fragrance, I get a welcomed wave of nostalgia. Alongside scents being intrinsically linked to memory, they also possess the ability to create feelings of calm, tranquillity and relaxation and can improve clarity and focus. It’s for these reasons I opt for the brands iconic fragrance when I’m at home, whether I’m working towards a deadline or taking time out for myself. Created back in 2002 by master perfumer Jacques Chabert, spritzing its energising woody-citrus blend of black pepper, ginger, lemon, and vetiver has the instant ability to lift me up and focus my mind. I’ve also become accustomed to the invigorating scent filling the entire space of my London flat by way of the Bodyscrub Bar, Shower Gel and Candle. Another undeniable quality of the fragrance is its genderless fluidity, and it’s just as loved by my dad as it is by me—Christmas always involves him unwrapping something from the Re-charge Black Pepper collection. Little wonder it continues to be a bestseller over 20 years later.

In my job as a beauty journalist I’m often out and about, whether it’s catching up with a PR over breakfast or discovering a new launch at an intimate lunch event. I don’t like to wear anything too heavy or overpowering on a busy day of meetings, and instead opt for an easy-wearing, feel-good floral fragrance. Enter Flora Luminare Eau de Toilette, a crowd-pleasing creation imagined by senior perfumer Maïa Lernout, who has a real flair for weaving florals together. It’s hard to find the words to do this scent justice without actually having the pleasure of smelling it, but I will say the notes of orange blossom, mandarin, jasmine and vanilla instantly transport you to a warm and sunny Mediterranean beach, cocktail in hand. So far, I’ve not found a single friend who, upon spritzing their way through my fragrance collection, hasn’t liked it. I carry a vial with me in the handy Fragrance Travel Case wherever I go, making the occasional on-the-go top up an absolute breeze.

Earlier this year, I tried Rose Dunes Eau de Parfum for the first time. It’s safe to say I wholeheartedly fell in love with the scent and it has fast become my go-to for date nights, post-work drinks and evening events. Rose has long been considered as the most feminine note in the olfactive industry, and this next-gen blend expertly combines the classic flower with warmer, deeper ingredients resulting in a modern romantic knockout. The workings of senior perfumer Philippe Paparella, who took inspiration from the beauty of the Arabian desert, dark patchouli from Sulawesia in Indonesia works alongside saffron and oudh to create a fragrance that continually has my nose drifting to my wrist. To intensify the fragrance even further, I’ll layer it with the Rose Dunes Body Lotion. There hasn’t been a time I’ve been out and not had at least one person ask what it is I’m wearing, to which I reservedly respond as I selfishly want to keep it all to myself. 

It’s clear to see how undeniably special these fragranced offerings are, and I get as much pleasure out of my own collection as I do watching a loved one unwrap something to add to theirs. So, if you’re looking to try something new or you’re on the hunt for the perfect gift, ‘tis the season to splendidly scent with Molton Brown.

Want to discover more from the wonderful world of Molton Brown? See the full collection here.

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