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Baby fat, lower tummy and overhanging belly can give women sleepless nights – don’t you agree it’s a nightmare! It’s common to see a slouchy belly post pregnancy or after gaining weight. Abdominal fat is one of the toughest areas to melt away extra fat from; however, it’s completely possible to get rid of a sagging stomach or abdominal panniculus, which is a combination of visceral and subcutaneous fat. With determination and a little extra push for your body, you can integrate a few habits in your day-to-day routine to get rid of this overhanging fat. Read about effective ways to get rid of an overhanging belly.

Get Rid of Overhanging Belly

Main Causes for Overhanging Belly:

1. Fluctuation in weight.
2. Obesity.
3. Post-pregnancy weight gain.
4. Stress.
5. Insulin resistance.

12 Ways To Get Rid of Overhanging Belly:

1. Start on the Right Kind of Weight Loss Diet: To melt away the extra fat from the belly region, rather than doing crunches and hundred reps of ab exercises every single day, it would be prudent to straighten your diet to lose overall weight because spot reduction is a complete myth. Eating a protein-rich and nutrient dense diet, while remaining in a calorie deficit would lead to overall weight loss, including that overhanging belly that just refuses to budge – and all of it is possible on the Rati Beauty app. Download the Rati Beauty app for more details.

2. Give up Added Sugar: Refined sugar/added sugar can be counted as one of the main reasons behind weight gain, because most of the empty calories in sugar gets converted to fat and is mostly stored around the belly region (both as subcutaneous and visceral fat). This is exactly what leads to weight gain and that’s where the importance of cutting down sugar comes into play if you want to seriously lose belly fat. While grocery shopping, make a conscious effort to look for items that say “no added sugar.” Also, give up refined sugar, instead check out better alternatives like honey or stevia leaves.

3. Move Around More: Stop sitting at the work desk or on the couch for long hours. The more you move around, the better it is for your health and to melt away belly fat. Keep moving through the day to keep the fat-burning process high and metabolism robust, so that more calories get burnt.

4. Eat More Fiber-Rich Food: Adding more fiber can be extremely helpful in shedding weight because keeps you full for longer and keeps gut flora happy. When the friendly bacteria in gut thrive well, it leads to faster weight loss. Fruits, beans, nuts, dry fruits, broccoli, whole grains, pulses, and oats are good sources of fiber. Start consuming dry fruits when hungry and in the morning as they contain high amount of fiber. Other than that, you can have an apple a day to keep the overhanging belly fat away.

5. Practice Portion Control: Practice portion control with each meal, eat from smaller plates, and avoid fried, junk and sweet food items because they contain high amount of empty calories which lead to rapid weight gain. Make sure you eat fresh food and if you are in the mood of snacking, you can opt for cucumbers, carrots or have some fruits. Do not consume packaged foods like chips and popcorn.

6. Cardio Routine Helps: You must have heard this from everyone, but cardio for 20 minutes a day will help. Add some planks and crunches to the mix as well as some aerobics to make your workout fun.

7. Be Consistent with your Workout Routine: Do squeeze in at least 40 minutes to 1 hour in a day for workout or exercise. Plan your day in such a way that you get enough time to sweat it out, not necessarily in the gym. Go for a walk or jog, do home workout routines from the Rati Beauty app. Also, HIIT (high intensity interval training) helps to burn more fat within a short span of time. Here’s a “7 Minute Fat Burning HIIT Exercises That you can Do at Home.”

8. Keep Alcohol Consumption in Control: We all have heard of “beer belly,” right?! and it does exist. If you drink a lot or like having beer often, you need to cut your portion. Once in a while, you can enjoy a cheat day but make sure you are keeping alcohol at bay. Beer belly does not go easily and it is quite difficult to get in shape if you continue to consume alcohol regularly. Once you stop drinking, the add-along snacks and aerated drinks (with their high calorie content) will be out of your system too.

9. Get Plenty of Sleep: There’s a reason fitness and health experts recommend sleeping for 7 to 8 hours every single night. If you are resting well and sleeping for 8 hours through the night, your body will recover properly and burn fat effectively. When you switch to a new diet, exercise regime and do a lot of activity, your body needs about 8 hours of proper rest to regain energy for the next day. Along with a good sleep cycle, make sure to drink at least 8 glasses of water.

10. Eat an Early Dinner: If you are in bed by 10:30 pm, you need to have your dinner by at least 7:30 PM. Keeping a 2 to 3-hour gap between dinner and bedtime would give the body enough time to digest the food properly and also the body can use body fat for energy as you sleep with the bigger time gap. When you get into this routine, you will notice a drastic change and quicker results too. Give it a try!

11. Find Ways to De-Stress: Just like sleep deprivation, chronic stress can be the main reason behind that overhanging belly! Cortisol, which is the stress hormone, encourages fat storage, and most of it around the waist. It’s important to find ways to de-stress, not only for mental health, but also to lose weight. Watch something funny, paint, cook, dance or pursue a hobby that takes off the stress from your mind. A healthy mind will result in a fantastic body. When you get excessively stress, you sleep less, and cortisol levels increase in your body which leads to slow metabolism. Stress can also lead to emotional eating and binge eating, all of which trigger weight gain, so that’s why it’s important to de-stress.

12. Give up Transfat and Processed Food: Too much transfat and dependency on processed food can be a few major reasons why that overhanging belly is still there! When buying packaged and processed foods, read the ingredients list to eliminate “transfat.” Transfat is a complete no-no for people who want to lose weight, particularly belly fat because studies have revealed that transfat can actually mobilize fat from other areas of the body to the belly area! Transfat is artificially made from vegetable oils by a process called hydrogenation where hydrogen molecules are added to the oil. This is done to increase the shelf life of the oil, to solidy the oil, and make it more appetizing and suitable for frying. Margarine, frozen pizza, cakes, non-dairy creamer, etc. have transfat in them, so avoid them totally.

Implement these tips and say bye to overhanging belly forever.

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