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Let’s be honest; Valentine’s Day can be a real pain. Trying to book a restaurant (if you haven’t planned long enough ahead) is next to impossible; trying to find the ideal present is something of a minefield unless your partner has made it clear what they actually want and all in all, the whole event can seem the entire opposite of spontaneous.

However, you can’t give in. This year you will try to make more of an effort and, in doing so, impress your loved ones and show them just how important they are to you and we are going to help you achieve this very lofty goal.

While clearly, the idea of Valentine’s Day is something of a commercial construct, it is also a great way to mark the relationship you are in. It’s even more useful for those who find it hard to communicate their true feelings for each other, perhaps especially if you are in the early throes of your time together.

Similarly, if you’ve been together for a long time, and maybe you have a growing family, and sometimes life gets in the way, then Valentine’s Day can give you the impetus and the opportunity to focus on displaying your love for each other, just so long as you can get a babysitter.

Below we’ve compiled what we believe to be some handy tips that may help you make this Valentine’s Day particularly special.

Be Original

When it comes to presents to get each other on Valentine’s Day, the advent of the internet and online shopping has created something of a perfect storm. Now you can have just about whatever you want, and you can find any gift you can imagine and have it delivered right to your partner, but that sheer amount of choice can present you with a real headache.

This year, why not try to be as unique and original as possible? 2021 was a big year for personalized jewellery, and 2022 looks like being more of the same. So, why not get your girlfriend, boyfriend, or wife a great custom-made necklace?

custom necklace

There are some amazing examples of what you can get here, and the costs are surprisingly inexpensive. Let’s face it; when it comes to romantic gifts, jewellery is still a luxury item that keeps giving and will always be gladly accepted.

The bonus here is that not only are you getting them an elegant item that looks great, it’s also something that has a significant meaning. You can get your partner a personalized item that displays a nickname you have for them, or it could even spell out your children’s names; there are literally no limits to where you might take this kind of present.

Here, as well as the present being an upscale one, it also shows that the thought really counts. It shows you’ve taken the time to come up with a one-off gift that will be specially designed just for them.

One final positive to take from getting a custom-made piece of jewellery as a Valentine’s Day gift is the fact that buying online makes the price even more affordable, and you have access to an even larger array of styles and types.

Plan Ahead

One common complaint when it comes to Valentine’s Day, from either party, is that often it’s treated as almost something of an afterthought. In other words, the date creeps up (it’s February 14th, in case you need to mark it in your calendar), and before you know it, it’s just around the corner, and then you have left scurrying around trying to get something at the last minute.

The key here is, obviously, planning ahead. In order to plan a great Valentine’s Day, of whatever scale, is planning. If you want to do something special, then you need to start the ball rolling at least two weeks beforehand.

Remember, even booking a table at a local restaurant would require this amount of forward planning, so anything else of a more memorable nature needs at least that long to plan. If you find that you are constrained for time, or indeed money, then try to break things down into manageable chunks.

romantic dinner

Think about what kind of day or evening you have planned and work your way back from that. So, for instance, if you want to organize a special night out, book the restaurant, order the presents (or buy them in advance locally) and any other activities one by one so that the entire process doesn’t seem quite so unwieldy.

Maybe you are considering a Valentine’s Day like no other. Perhaps you are going to whisk your partner away on an overseas mini-break. Then this would take maybe a month to outline and plan, so here you’d need to find out (from friends or employers) if your loved one can have the relevant time off and doesn’t have something crucial they can’t miss.

You’d need to locate their passport and perhaps pack their overnight/weekend bag. For this kind of grand gesture, there are many moving parts that need to fit seamlessly to work. As an example, how are you going to get her to the airport under false pretence? Is their passport valid or expired?

The point here that we are making is that big or small, Valentine’s Day you want to organize won’t just happen on its own; you need to be invested in it in order for it to succeed as you want it to.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask

A final issue that regularly pops up around Valentine’s Day, and especially in relation to any present you wish to buy each other, is that you get it wrong. Often presents can be limp and even unwanted, and the recipient has to, at best, feign interest and, at worst, could be insulted by the fact that you ‘don’t know them at all.’

There is an easy way out of this conundrum. You can simply ask. Yes, you are kind of giving the game away and ruining the surprise, to some extent, but they’ll still be ecstatic that you got them what they wanted.

A present that isn’t a surprise is still better than a surprise present they never ever wanted!

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