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Rakshabandhan is around the corner, and during every Indian festival, it is mandatory to decorate your pretty hands with mehndi designs. So, following the age-old tradition, this year also you must be searching for simple mehndi designs for Rakshabandhan.

Well, you have come to the right place because I have curated this amazing catalog just for the occasion of Raksha Bandhan. Just bookmark your favorite one from this list and get ready to rock on Rakshabandhan.

So, without any further delay. Let’s begin!!

1. Arabic Pattern Mehndi Design For Rakshabandhan

arabic mehndi design for raksha bandhan

Arabic mehndi design is forever. It doesn’t matter which occassion or festival it is, Arabic mehndi design always suits such instances. This one is the basic and simple Arabic mehndi design that will look good on Raksha Bandhan.

2. Jhumka Style Mehndi Design

jhumka style mehndi design

Who says jhumkas can only be drawn in bridal mehndi? It is a beautiful pattern and if you know how to draw it then it will look very alluring this Raksha Bandhan. The beauty of this design is such that you can also draw it on Eid or Diwali.

3. Traditional Flower Mehndi Design For Rakshabandhan

traditional mehndi design for rakshabandhan

This design is apt for middle-aged ladies because they seldom love contemporary mehndi styles. So, if you are looking to design something on your mother’s or aunt’s hand, this one is the design for you.

4. Fine carving beautiful Mehndi Design

bhai dooj mehndi designs

If you are also a lover of fine mehndi design like me? then this is the design for you. The detailing in this design is intrinsic and looks beautiful when finished.

5. Traditional Mehndi design for Raksha bandhan

simple bridal mehndi designs

This is a traditional mehndi design for Raksha Bandhan. This design is easy to draw and your mehndi hand will look full. This design will suit every Indian attire whether it is Salwar-Suit or Sari.

6. Leaves Pattern Beautiful Simple Mehndi Design

diwali mehndi design ideas

Leaves pattern mehndi design looks extremely beautiful and sophisticated. The elegant design makes it the perfect choice for the Rakshabandhan.

7. Dark Flower Pattern Mehndi Style

mehndi design for diwali

Dark mehndi design is loved by everyone because when you remove the henna it leaves a very dark color. This design is mainly focused on flowers of various types. As you can see in the image, there has been a lot of space in the overall design which makes this design very elegant.

8. Arabic Back Hand Mehndi Design

backhand mehndi designs

Arabic mehndi design looks good always. This design is a backhand mehndi design which is simple and elegant at the same time. All you need to do is draw some basic leaves and circular patterns at an angle.

9. Traditional minimalistic mehndi design

easy mehndi design ideas for raksha bandhan

Are you a lover of minimalism? Well, then this is a perfect design for you because it is a simplistic design that imbibes in itself the hint of heritage India.

10. Thick Backhand Mehndi Design

very beautiful and simple mehndi designs

Again a thick mehndi design for backhand. This design is very easy to create as you need to draw only flowers and some leaves on your fingertips.

11. Net Pattern Simple Mehndi Design for Rakshabandhan

backhand mehndi designs

Source: heritagemehndi

If you do not want to draw a very dark mehndi then choose this design because this design will look simple and will not get too dark after removing henna.

12. Swastick Mehndi Design

heritage mehndi designs for rakshabandhan

Source: heritagemehndi

Swastik is an important part of Indian culture. It is mostly drawn at the auspicious occasions and what is more auspicious than Indian Festivals. With this simplistic and elegant design, you can show your love toward Indian Culture.

13. Basic Mehndi Design for Girls

trendy mehndi design

Source: heritagemehndi

This design is suitable for girls of age up to 13. As girls of that small age do not like their hands to be completely filled with mehndi, this design will suit them.

14. Very Simple Mehndi Design for Girls

simple mehndi ideas

Source: heritagemehndi

Another mehndi design for small girls. This design is so simple that it can be drawn by anyone. Here is one tip to draw a mehndi design if you are a beginner, use a black pen to draw the design and then with the help of a mehndi cone, outline the design.

15. Rakshabandhan mehndi design for newly Married

latest mehndi design

If you are newly married and it is your first Raksha Bandhan, then this design is apt for you. This design will not only fill your hand but also give you a bridal look.

16. Vine Pattern Mehndi Design for Backhand

mehndi design ideas

This is again a minimalistic mehndi design with leaves and flowers. This design is quick to draw and fill the full hand at the same time.

17. Semi-Circular Mehndi design

mehndi designs for rakshabandhan

Geometric pattern mehndi design is in vogue these days. Among such geometric designs, one such design is the semi-circular mehndi design that you can see in this image. Try this semi-circular mehndi design on this Rakshabandhan and rock the festival.

18. Backhand Mehndi Design For Rakshabandhan

mehndi designs for raksha bandhan

Draw this intrinsic mehndi design on the auspicious occasion of Rakshabandhan. This design is especially for those people who love finely carved mehndi design. You can also witness the similarity of the design with Mithila paintings as those paintings have also very fine lines and designs.

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I hope you like all the mehndi designs. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comment section below. I love to read and reply to them.

Thank You

Stay Safe, Stay Beautiful.

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